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The Indicating Signs of Tooth Enamel Erosion
The hard shell that you see on the teeth is called tooth enamel. People see their enamel when they smile but the fact is that they do not know much about it. This should not get you worried. An enamel plays the role of protecting your teeth. Its very strong and it can stand against many substances to keep your teeth away from damage and decay. You should keep reading this page to learn more about this substance and the signs of tooth enamel erosion.
An enamel was out because of too much exposure to different substances. This wear and tear caused by chemical exposure are known as enamel erosion. However, many other factors trigger enamel erosion. Some of these include teeth grinding, chronic acid reflux, some type of medication, and many more. You should know that some of the things you eat also impact your enamel. If you want to learn more about enamel erosion, keep reading this site.
Increased tooth sensitivity Is one common sign of enamel erosion. If you experience increased tooth sensitivity, it may be caused by enamel erosion. This mostly occurs when the protective coating of your tooth is worn, hence exposing the softer dentin layer.This happens when the protective coating of your tooth wears out exposing the softer dentin layer. You experience more sensitivity after taking very hot or cold drinks, if you don’t clean your teeth well and when you expose your gum to the air.
Another major sign is the appearance of dents. If you have dents on the surface of your teeth, the symptoms may get serious with time. You are most likely to experience this when the acid in your mouth wears off the dentin. Dents increase the risk of additional damages. This problem should be treated to prevent your teeth from chips and scratches.
You may also experience rough or rounded edges. The outer edge of your teeth is the most exposed to acid. They get acid erosion because they are weak and more prone to damages. People whose enamel keeps wearing out have rough edges. This issue should be treated to prevent chips and cracks on your teeth.
The next sign of enamel erosion is discolored and stained teeth. When the enamel wears out the yellow-colored dentin layer will start appearing. This is why you see a yellow color or stains when you look at some people teeth. Keep in mind that the color is different from the one that occurs when you smoke or eat certain types of food. The teeth lose their natural shine and appear very dull.
Tooth decay also breaks the outer layer of enamel. This makes the teeth so weak. Decay can be caused by things such as consuming sugary things and not brushing your teeth properly. IF you click here, you will know more about enamel erosion..